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Why White Cars Will Sell So Expensive In China?
Dec 25, 2017

Why white cars will sell so expensive

Many car owners buy a car, presumably have encountered the following situation: the white car to increase the price, especially the recently listed hot models. This makes many owners are puzzled, 4S shop sales also increase righteousness, but you really want to ask him one of the reasons, he also said not clear, just general to the factory attributed to the reason.

This is the unspoken rules in the industry, or is it a reasonable objective objective?

To this end, we have found a lot of people and made a lot of comments. In the end, we all agree that this is determined by the market. That is to say consumers prefer the white car.

One of the world's leading automotive coatings suppliers accounted for 28% of all color paints supplied to automakers in 2014. Followed by black, accounting for 18% of supply, silver and silver 13%.

All along, white has always been the color of the body most consumers choose.

In fact, early models, white paint is very dirty, because the owner's hand in the paint easily leave fingerprints. R & D personnel later found that the pearl powder ingredients added to the white paint, the brightness is more durable and difficult to change color. After solving the white non-dirty problem, many car prices have also started to launch "pearl white."

In this case, manufacturers will naturally white models for a certain price or resource allocation tilt. In fact, this is also a kind of interest choice.

Especially for Chinese consumers, there is a soft spot for white cars. The main reason turned out to be a white car was large, in fact, think about it seems quite quite some truth.

Integrated a number of car God, the car manufacturers, people who know the car and the opinions of many owners, why do we sell white car summarized the following reasons:

First, the manufacturer strategy, since the white models selling, price increases are taken for granted.

Second, sensory, the white atmosphere was significant, for the needs of Chinese people, the aspect has won the eye.

Third, white dirt is more dirty than other black dirt. you know.

Fourth, the safest white car, there are organizations statistics. The main reason is that when driving fatigue, opposite the white car high recognition.

Fifth, the white pearl paint whether it is raw materials or manufacturing processes, obviously more expensive than other colors of paint. In fact, these are not the point, the focus is on white paint easily capture the appearance of the Association's heart, so that fare increases become willing