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Why Do Chinese Like Buying SUVs So Much?
Dec 25, 2017

Why do Chinese like buying SUVs so much?

Today in China's auto market, SUV has become no less than the darling of cars, and even top up the entire car market half sky. If you have carefully studied the sales list, you can find in the field of cars, even the best-selling Volkswagen, Toyota such models, the monthly sales up to only do about 3-4 million units, while next door "SUV class "Hover H6 leader, but can brush out a single 60,000 to 60,000 terrorist transcripts. Even luxury cars such as Bentley, Maserati and Porsche have had to develop SUVs to cater to such emerging markets as China. In the end is what makes today so popular Chinese SUV it? Today we will take a brief look.


In fact, everyone favored SUV reasons, nothing less than the following:

1, a more tall appearance. Although this may not seem like a very rational reason, in fact, it is indeed the number one reason why ordinary families choose SUVs. For many first-time buyers, the less appealing to the fundamentals of a car, such as the Big Three, is itself the greatest attraction in comparison to the more mighty appearance of a car. As for what motivation, manipulation What ah, it is followed.


In the past, many people liked the tall, sturdy body shape of SUVs, but because SUVs are not stylish enough in the traditional hardcore off-road vehicles, the styling of the square head is somewhat at arm's length. But now, the urban SUV that evolved from the car platform has become the mainstream. The design has also become more streamlined like a car, fitting the tastes of the average consumer. Meanwhile, the details of some of the off-road elements have been preserved so that the SUV Styling, more streamlined than the car styling more varied, more casual flavor and personality than the car. So now the appearance of SUV attractive to ordinary people is very large.


2, SUV's ground clearance larger, you can pass some not very good pavement, and even can easily do "riding shoulder" parking. However, the traffic conditions in China are rather complicated. There are both flat road surfaces such as two-way multi-lane roads, as well as non-paved road surfaces such as damaged or gravel roads. The sedan with a lower chassis can be easily hung and the chassis damaged. The SUV compared to cars, in this case is very adaptable advantages.

3, from the statistical data, the SUV safety is generally superior to the car; chassis higher, the probability of getting involved in the cart bottom is also small, tall, more secure; but for many ordinary people, they Fancy, perhaps not real security, more of a tall appearance of the "security" it.

4, due to the common use of hatchback styling, and the body more Founder, so the SUV space generally more than the same level of sedan, more spacious interior space, a better sense of openness, which not only conducive to passenger ride, and many Drivers also like SUV higher sitting position, easy to observe the front and the road. And these SUVs also have a larger trunk space, if necessary, can also be rear down, further expansion of the tail, so space is also the winning practicality car.


In fact, the current hot mainstream, are urban SUV, truly off-road such as Prado (reference, picture, inquiry), Pajero (reference, picture, inquiry) such a hardcore SUV, but not in the country to sell it is good. Hard-line SUVs have to sacrifice space and comfort for their off-road capabilities, and most families do not need great off-road capabilities and can do the bad things that SUVs in these cities can do. As for the SUV several traditional shortcomings, under the present conditions are not too scared:


1, fuel consumption is relatively high, but it is the old idea of hardcore SUV. Urban SUV because of the weight of the vehicle and wind resistance, fuel consumption will be larger than the sedan, but not to the point where the previous hard-line SUV oil tiger, but also in the city's long-term congestion, in addition to mixing, the other car fuel consumption is not low. Not only urban SUV big.

2, high-speed control is relatively weak, but in China, the city congestion can not run speed, high speed limited speed, less demanding on the control, so the disadvantage is not obvious.

In fact, behind this, there is a very important basic national conditions. For the United States or Europeans, due to high per capita income, and the mature automobile market, developed used car market, car prices are relatively cheaper, so the family is usually not just a car, you can buy different models for different needs .


However, in China, on the one hand, everyone's per capita income is not too high. On the other hand, parking spaces are scarce, big cities have a limited purchase, and many families can only afford one car. Rely on this trolley alone, it is necessary to take into account the commute to work, but also take into account the family trip, but also to deal with the complicated domestic road conditions, we can not pursue personal preferences too, must be exhaustive. Seen in this light, the city SUV has become a more balanced choice in the eyes of many people.