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Why Americans Like Pickup Trucks?
Dec 26, 2017

Why Americans like pickup trucks? Not afraid to add oil?

In the United States, the Ford F-Series pickups and the Chevrolet Silverado have been two of the best-selling models, and the Ford F-Series in particular, has been the # 1 top in sales since 1982. Pickups big block, large displacement, why Americans like it so much? Today we will tell the story of the United States and pickup trucks.

American car culture

Why Americans like pickup trucks? Not afraid to add oil?

Speaking of American car culture, many people use a "big" word instead. In fact, this thing has nothing to do with the start-up and maturity of the automobile industry. In the United States, pick-up trucks are a symbol of vitality and leisure. The so-called automobile culture represents a living habit for local indigenous people.

The United States likes outdoor activities, nature is wild and unruly, pick-up trucks are free to paint, or put on large tires to go off-road, listen to rock music, to travel one by one are not the case, so pickup representative in the United States With a feeling of life.

American life

It is a well-known fact that the United States is sparsely populated. Generally, Americans live in a house alone, so transporting things, cleaning up courtyards, repairing things and so on requires a very practical and drag-and-drop vehicle. The pickup design Simple but very special, is a mixture of cars and commercial vehicles, the first half of it is an independent sealed space, the rear part of the compartment is isolated, loading and unloading of goods is particularly convenient, which is also more conducive to Americans to repair housing, the use of materials, Repair garden, towing mowers, snowmobiles and more.

Why Americans like pickup trucks? Not afraid to add oil?

Americans often move, unhappy, bring the whole family pull the baggage will go to another city or another town to have been on for some time, or leave to leave the holidays to say is a matter of minutes, So pick-up truck is more suitable for Americans this kind of living habits. In our country, the pickup truck feels like a farm truck but does not have a face, but the pickup truck in the United States not only has strong motivation, but also has the comfort of a passenger car and carries more goods than a passenger car. It also possesses the performance of adapting to various bad pavements.

The pickup truck in the United States is fully equipped with all kinds of accessories and configurations in the car, which can be found on the pickup truck. It is safe and comfortable. In a sense, the pickup trucks in the United States are not only comfortable with sedans, but many pickup trucks will also be integrated with the beds. When the trip is over, they can rest in the cab when they are tired and parked in a safe place Continue to hurry, very suitable for American living habits.

U.S. oil prices and policies

Why Americans like pickup trucks? Not afraid to add oil?

The U.S. oil price will be slightly lower than that of China. One dollar will be equivalent to six dollars at the exchange rate, so the oil price will be about the same as that in China. However, if you change the price level by one dollar to about three to four dollars, then the oil price is only Less than half of the country. A friend of this small series said that in the United States 15 US dollars can buy a trunk of daily necessities, then I was speechless. So in the United States, although it is known as the "oil tiger" pickup actually did not spend much.

The traffic environment in the United States is also different from that in China. The pick-up costs of pickup trucks in China are high. However, in the United States, all cars are non-existent and tax-free. It is not like the pick-up trucks in our country where the pick-up trucks are classified as light trucks. Pickup in the United States there is no displacement tax, diesel cheaper, so buy a strong momentum, use more, run it easy, why not?