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Visit Beiqi New Energy Plant
Nov 14, 2017

Visit Beiqi New Energy Plant

1. As a strategic new industry, new energy vehicles is an important new force driving the transformation of the automotive industry. However, although China's new energy automotive industry has been emerging earlier, its pace of progress has been relatively slow, yet it has yet to release its due value in the commercial sector. For most consumers, how to create a new energy vehicle manufacturing process is still a big mystery.

2. On September 14, Beiqi New Energy first opened up a series of key departments including the "three major electric vehicles" - motors, batteries, electric control workshops, assembly plants and test centers. With a variety of questions, we entered the Beiqi New Energy plant, witnessed the process of building a new energy vehicle.

3. Up to now, Beiqi New Energy has developed a series of pure electric passenger cars such as E150EV, 307EV, EV200, ES210 and Wei Wang 307EV, as well as a series of pure electric passenger cars, as well as power battery, motor powertrain, drive control system, vehicle control system And other key components and products. Beiqi New Energy EV200 from rest to 50 km / h speed only 5 seconds. Life, most of Beiqi New Energy's products have been able to provide long-range mileage of 200-245 km.

4. In the future, Beiqi New Energy will continue to enhance its mileage. By increasing R & D investment and cooperation, it is estimated that it will reach 300 km in 2015 and 400 km in 2016.

5. For electric vehicles, the battery is undoubtedly one of the core components. Beiqi New Energy and South Korea SK Group joint development of lithium batteries, storage capacity of 30.4 degrees.

6. With its support, the EV200 model has an endurance range of not less than 200 kilometers under integrated road conditions and even more than 240 kilometers at economic hourly speeds, which is equivalent to round-trip mileage from Beijing to Tianjin.

7. The ternary lithium battery has higher energy density, better low-temperature performance, higher reliability and longer life, less than 10% charge and discharge attenuation in 2000, more than double the national standard. If calculated according to a year about 20,000 km, ternary lithium battery can be used for 20 years.

8. Each new energy vehicles on the battery pack to go through cell processing, sub-module assembly, module assembly, sub-battery package with the battery pack with the battery pack detection process.

9. In terms of motors, in 2011, Ocean Motor and Beijing Automotive New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. established a joint venture to jointly develop and manufacture motors and control systems for new energy vehicles.

10. Currently, as many as 49 patents have been granted in the field of new energy vehicle powertrain, with nearly 500 patents in the fields of motors and control technology.

Compared with the traditional industrial or household appliances matching motor, the new energy vehicles on the reliability of the motor higher, the new energy adaptation of Beiqi efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, faster, so that the car acceleration performance better.

12. As for control system, Beiqi New Energy Vehicle mainly adopts Tricore control platform of 64-bit dual-core CPU, which has such functions as torque safety protection, energy balance management, high-voltage abnormality diagnosis and processing, etc. to make the vehicle more comprehensive energy efficiency and failure rate Lower, more battery stability and safety.

13. Coupled with mature and stable suspension system and the United Kingdom Mira professional chassis tuning, making the vehicle's handling more excellent performance.

14. Beiqi New Energy Research Institute Test Center undertakes the testing, calibration and test verification of new energy vehicles, vehicles, systems and key components. It consists of Parts Environmental Laboratory, Vehicle Control Laboratory, Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, System laboratory, structural modal laboratory, vehicle hub test room, EMC laboratory, power battery laboratory, control system integration laboratory 10 laboratory composition.

15. Battery System Laboratory. Power battery test system can test the charge and discharge of the battery cell and module, and can simulate the charge and discharge conditions of the vehicle during charging and driving through different charge-discharge modes. Combining with the environmental chamber, the battery cell and module can be simulated Charge and discharge performance at different temperatures.

16. The battery system can still be used in water for 30 minutes, the quality of the basic unaffected.