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Three Strokes Of Practical Tips To Teach You To Identify Refurbished Tires
Apr 26, 2017

Refurbished tires A little packaging, is treated as a new tire fish, so in the purchase of second-hand car, especially to see whether the tires have been refurbished, today's small series tells you three practical tips, help you in and unscrupulous business renovation tire identification War, and ease.

Identification Point No.1: Observing the pattern color and luster of tires

Because of shoddy renovation tire processing is not standardized, so from the grain, its groove is relatively shallow, and from the color, its color looks more vivid, shiny shiny, formal is relatively dark.

Identification Point No.2: Observing the lap area of the tread and the fetus side

A look at the fetal side of the various signs are complete. Each tire manufacturers have forum pattern code marking, look at the pattern code is corresponding to tire tread pattern.

Two look at the tire shoulder tread and the tire body combine the department is smooth. Renovation tires are self-made tread fitting in the old tire body, the tread and the tire side between the lap is inferior to the new tire flat, tire side with a combination of traces.

Identification Point No.3: Tyre logo

Regular manufacturers of brand tires, in the tires have some bumps on the logo, marking the tire model and performance, the inside printed on the date of durability, tread anti-skid groove wear marks clearly visible. And the renovation of the tires of the logo is mostly pasted up, with nails scratch these signs, can be cut off will be refurbished tires.

At the same time, each qualified new tire factory will have a special wear logo, generally on the side of the tire will be printed on the TWI, or the logo of the small triangle, once reached this mark indicates that tire loss is more serious, can not be used, must be scrapped, and refurbished tires of the logo is the workshop itself affixed, so use hand to grab the logo, can also be distinguished.