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Three Elements Of Automobile Rims Purchase
Apr 26, 2017

Do you know what kind of car rims are best to buy? The following small series to bring everyone to popularize the knowledge about rims.

1, the size of the steel rims: do not blindly enlarge the rims. Some people to improve car performance and increase the car rims, in the tire outside the same conditions, the large steel rims must tie the flat and wide tire, the car's lateral swing is narrowed, improved stability, turning as Dragonfly water, lightsome passing. But the flat tire, the thinner its thickness, the more poor damping performance, the comfort of the greater sacrifice. In addition, there are a slight stone and other roadblocks a Luo, tires easily damaged or burst tires. So blindly increase the price of the wheel is not to be underestimated. Generally speaking, according to the original car hub size increase one or two number is most appropriate.

2, screw eye distance, the hole spacing, eccentric distance must be suitable for models. Choose not to follow the profile of your favorite, but also to listen to the advice of technicians to consider whether the three is appropriate.

3, the shape of the steel rims: the structure of complex, dense hub is indeed very beautiful, look at the grade, but it is easy to wash the car when refused or overcharged, because it is too cumbersome to wash. Simple wheels will feel neat and dynamic.