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There Are 4 Things To Throw In The Car
Dec 27, 2017

There are 4 things to throw in the car 

Many veteran drivers buy a car after all are particularly calm, the ordinary city at this time to buy some of their own car accessories, such as car mats, car cushions, car perfumes and other automotive supplies, these can understand, and good nursed back to health , Can extend the life of our car a few years to ten years, but if the car has these kinds of products, you can face the traffic police fine.


Action car mats

Car mats more than 90% confidence to buy the car owners to buy the city, either the veteran driver is still the old driver, due to buy a car mat to keep our car more and more clean, for example, rainy days, to avoid rain dirty our Car, the winter time can also be dust-proof, but moving car mats are at risk, due to the accelerator and brake close, when the mat is moving, there is a brake can be stuck in the emergency situation of failure .

Safe with buckle

Safety belt limiter is a peculiar kind of car supplies in our country, even the natives are surprised at the wisdom of the people. If this tool is also a small amount of domestic exports, but if this tool is found to be penalized by the traffic police. Some people do not like to bring safety belt, but without safety will beep with a car, so the product came out, but in case of a car accident, it can lead to disaster.

Car perfume

Car perfume is also a relatively rare car supplies, each in the car put a bottle of perfume, but the goal is to maintain the car's atmosphere more refreshing, but sometimes the point of perfume will also bring the risk of invisibility, for example, in an emergency brake time , Can hit the perfume bottle, perhaps the car in a car accident fire, perfume case of fire can explode.

Car seat cushion

Why car seat there is also a risk, car seat here is to say that such a furry car seat, due to the rich, and can sit on the seat slippery, people will slide, so when driving is not very convenient, this type of Ordinary girls in the South may be more like, and too rich can affect the safety of air bags open.

Another is the electronic dog, according to our traffic laws and regulations, do not allow the car to put some of the tools that affect the speed of some of the speed radar equipment, and electronic dog is such a product, although we can inform our traffic ahead of schedule, but there is jamming radar Probation, so is not allowed, if found, to pay a fine.