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The Quality Of The Car Rims Decides The Safety Of Driving
Apr 26, 2017

Car rims are also known as wheels, the quality of car rims directly affect the safety of driving. General high-quality automotive rims in a slightly collision will not have much impact, and the inferior car rims once damaged, the vehicle in the driving will be offset, small offset is often inadvertently become the fuse of the accident. Therefore, when choosing car rims, pay attention to the following points:

Car rims

1. To identify the brand, to face the quality and safety function.

2. Bright surface car rims mainly see whether the surface and inner circle have pinhole. There is a pinhole indicates that the product forging quality has a problem, and then observe there is no cracks, finger touch on the back of whether there is a thorn feeling, car rims are not machined surface is smooth, is also to determine the quality of the brand a symbol.

3. The contrast of the brightness of the lacquer surface, the good brand of lacquer gloss is vivid, while some brands make people feel bleak.

Buy car rims to grasp these three points, I hope you can learn to remember that you will have a great help.