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The Importance Of The Maintenance Of Automobile Rims To Automobile Life
Apr 26, 2017

Car rims are the easiest to dirty parts. Therefore, the maintenance of tire is also very important to the key. Before washing the tires, prepare a brush with a long handle, and if the tire is not too dirty, wash it with the usual detergent. Unless there is really too much dirt, it may be necessary to buy professional detergent.

The brushes cannot be used in the chrome-plated mirror-treated wheels, leaving a noticeable scar. Chrome-plated wheels generally use a sponge, wash small places to consider using brushes. As long as the tire and the following parts of the knee clean, the whole car looks will become bright fiber optic.

Automotive Maintenance Common sense of interior decoration:

Many car owners for the routine maintenance of the car, the appearance and the maintenance of important parts is always special caution, occasionally ignore the car cleanliness. Carpet on the next side of the door, the inside of the screen shoe printing, meter and ceiling dust, even if peacetime will do cleaning, but still need to regularly go to 4S shop maintenance. Full car Cleaning: strictly in accordance with the dust, cleaning, maintenance trilogy on the dashboard, ceiling, rear cylinder platform, seats, velvet, interior door and so on thoroughly clean and comprehensive conservation.

Car Maintenance Common sense automotive functional parts:

Engine coolant Liquid level inspection: The engine in the Heat engine state, do not open the radiator lid, otherwise may be splashed out of the coolant or heat vapor scald. When the engine cools, check the liquid surface of the coolant should be on the full and low, otherwise should add distilled water or purified liquor or should be added to conform to the vehicle original standard requirements frozen liquid, the filling of the liquid surface height cannot exceed the full bit. If the cooling fluid is found to be reduced quickly in a short time, the cooling system should be inspected for leakage or to the maintenance station.

Brake Fluid Inspection: The brake is also high and low between the normal. If the brake fluid is near or below the lower limit, the system may have leakage or brake shoe wear too much, should be timely to repair station.

The test of the liquid level of the clutch total pump: The clutch liquid level is between high and low liquid surface, which is normal, if below the standard line, it may be the total pump or sub-pump skin bowl damage. In the operation of the engine will appear difficult or unable to hang the phenomenon, please immediately to the nearest maintenance station repair.

Battery maintenance Check: Check the battery fixed is firmly, the electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits, close to the offline should be timely replenishment of electrolyte or distilled water to high-order line. Keep the battery positive and negative cables in good contact and keep the batteries clean and dry. Placing longer vehicles to take off the battery of the positive and negative electrode cables, between half a month or so back up the engine about 20 minutes after the start, if the electricity is obviously insufficient to recharge in time.