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Remember That Car Rims Can Not Be Arbitrarily Modified, At Any Time May Ring Rotten
Apr 26, 2017

Many customers feel that the car rims are not very attractive after buying a car. So will go to the auto parts market to pick a look at the grade of the steel Rim wheel hub, but not original hub installed to the car will bring safety hazards, as to the car owners themselves to refit the wheels should also pay attention to the points:

1, before and after refitting the tire circumference preferably not more than ± 1.5%, if the wheel size from 17 to 19, then the tire wall thickness should be correspondingly reduced.

2, modified the offset (ET) of the wheel and original than do not exceed ± 15MM. Otherwise the wheel hub exceeds the original design size of the car to the brake, suspension, cornering performance has a great impact.

3, after refitting to check whether new wheels and tires have conflicts with other parts (avoid unnecessary wear and use) it is best to maintain a certain distance from the limit position.

Shandong Kaida Steel Rims Factory reminds you not to change the wheel hub without permission to avoid a traffic safety accident.