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October New Energy Car Sales Double Behind: Subsidy Backlog Rumors Ahead Of Time Fermentation
Nov 14, 2017

October new energy car sales double behind: Subsidy backlog rumors ahead of time fermentation

In the traditional car sales season in October, the new energy automotive industry also harvested a dazzling transcript.

November 10, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released data, production and sales of new energy vehicles in October were completed 92,000 and 91,000, an increase of 85.9% and 106.7%.

Overall, from January to October this year, production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 514,000 units and 490,000 units respectively, up 45.7% and 45.4% from the same period of last year.

Comprehensive judgments of all parties, this year's new energy car sales is expected to more than 600,000.

A worry in the market is that after news that the relevant ministries and commissions are studying and formulating a new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the subsidy that was originally scheduled for 2019 (a 20% decrease) will be implemented by 2018 in advance.

Academics close to policy making say there is such a proposal but discussions are still under way.

A car securities analyst on surging news said that if the slope (subsidies fall) a sudden increase in speed, the major auto makers to adjust accordingly it is possible, but the profits will certainly have declined, especially in the bus industry. Some analysts also said that at present the new energy vehicles than traditional fuel trucks in the price advantage, the subsidies for businesses and consumers is still very important. Slope acceleration will allow car prices face greater financial pressure.

There is also news that the amount of the slope retreat little change, but will greatly raise the subsidy standards for new energy vehicles, the energy density of the battery put forward higher requirements.

"I heard that because of the development of new energy vehicles beyond the expectations of the authorities, resulting in the amount of subsidies will exceed the budget, so authorities have to increase the proportion of the idea of back-off." On the evening of November 10, Automotive Industry Association, Dong Yang, executive vice president Make recommendations on the adjustment of electric car subsidy policies, and hope that relevant ministries and commissions will implement the withdrawal of subsidy quotas according to their past commitments.

Dong Yang said the government should not adjust the subsidy amount because of the budget deficit. Enterprise product planning, is based on market conditions, including the level of technology required by the market, the amount of subsidies, possible costs and prices. Subsidy lines do not go according to plan, will disrupt corporate rhythm, affecting product sales.

Dong Yang also suggested that no longer adjust the technical conditions for subsidies for new energy vehicles. Taking the situation at the beginning of this year as an example, he pointed out that although the starting point was to promote technological progress, this led to the redrawing of the testing and certification process for the products that had been approved and the new energy vehicles being shut down for a period of time.

Earlier, in the face of rumors of a decline in subsidies for new energy vehicles, a source engaged in local new energy promotion told surging news that if this is true, it would be a bad news for many people engaged in the promotion of local new energy vehicles , Finally introduced this year's local subsidy policy, an instant adjustment, in the short term we have to confused.

For local subsidies, Dong Yang suggested that the subsidies for electric vehicles be transferred to the construction of charging piles and charging facilities for operation. Dong Yang said local subsidies may derive local protection.

At present, new energy vehicles want to get the central government and local subsidies for new energy vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and the need to be included in the promotion of new energy vehicles directory.

Dong Yang believes that without local subsidies and local protection, local governments do not need to develop their own small directory, which can shorten the time for new energy automotive products to enter the market.