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How To Know West Union
Nov 16, 2017

How to know West Union

product description

Western Union is a fast international remittance product that acts as a proxy for U.S. Western Union. Currently, it can handle the receipt and payment of USD, Euro and RMB.

Function and features

(A) quick: cash remittance, just a few minutes, remittances can receive.

(B) Reliable: Western Union remittance services experience, both advanced technology and global computer networks.

(III) Convenience: The procedure is simple. The remitter can remit the money without having to open a bank account. The old customer can also enjoy the service of filling out a single bill. The beneficiary can withdraw money by providing the information such as the Western Union remittance monitoring number.

(D) Wide coverage: Over 500,000 Western Union outlets and more than 100,000 self-service machines are available in more than 200 countries and regions in the world.

(E) payee fee exemption: Remittance fee paid by the remitter, the recipient does not pay any additional costs.

Service channel

Service channels for the foreign exchange business counters counters, including business exchange earnings can also be self-service online banking and mobile phone channels; service time for the outlets business hours, electronic channel service time is 24 hours.


Customers with their own valid ID card to go to my bank with international remittance business outlets can handle. Western Union foreign exchange business can also be self-service online banking and mobile messaging channels.

Export remittances easy: ① Fill in the Western Union issued documents related to the sink. ② hold personal valid ID card, remittance principal and handling fee, you can hold foreign currency remittance can also be RMB remittance purchases, in line with the balance of payments reporting conditions need to declare. ③ After the remittance is completed, you will receive a receipt printed with the remittance monitoring number. Please accurately notify the remittee about the remitter's name, remittance amount, remittance monitoring number and the country where the remittance is sent. To ensure your remittance security, Do not reveal the surveillance number to anyone other than the payee. ④A few minutes later, the payee can withdraw remittance from the agent's Western Union business office or ATM in the collecting country. ⑤ remittances received, the domestic hair exchangers will receive the Western Union SMS tips.

Withdrawal remittance easy and simple: ① You must ensure that remittances sent by the Western authorized agents outside the country issued a point, and with the sender to verify the remitter's name, remittance amount, remittance monitoring number and send remittance country. ② After receiving the remitter's notice, we will remit the remittance to the Bank's branches proxying the nearby Western Union remittance business. ③ Submit the completed documents, present your valid ID card, and declare the conditions of the balance of payments declaration. ④ withdraw remittance and transaction receipt. ⑤ You also have the option to collect your Western Union directly from your personal online banking or SMS.

Customer Tips

1. Western Union suitable for cross-border remittance speed requirements are high, collectors want to receive cash immediately customers. Western Union issued by the system to show the rate prevail, exchange of foreign exchange without additional charge.

2.If you often use our agent Western Union business, you can apply for a foreign exchange pass card, foreign exchange pass card with foreign exchange business points and can provide fast remittance-free service, eliminating the need for your Western Union business Filling a single annoyance, reducing the time you wait for business processing, both to achieve rapid remittance, but also to ensure the safety and accuracy of information.