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Car Tires Two Minutes Renovation, Three Strokes Teach You To Distinguish Refurbished Tires!
Apr 26, 2017

Tires are the important parts of the car and the pavement directly contact, and the suspension together to warm the car driving the impact, not only provide adhesion, improve the traction, braking, passing sex also bear the weight of the car. But many businessmen to strive for profiteering often to the old tires "refurbished".

How to distinguish "refurbished" tires?

Observe the pattern color and luster of tire

Refurbished tires on the tread of a closer look is able to see the irregular, the groove is relatively shallow. And if you see the tires of light, bright color, basically can determine that the non-new car, it is likely that the landing tires need to be cleaned to see that it was used, because the formal new tires are relatively gray and no color.

Observing the lap area of the tread and the fetus side

A variety of fetal side signs are complete. Each tire manufacturers have forum pattern code marking, look at the pattern code is corresponding to tire tread pattern. Two look at the tire shoulder tread and the tire body combine the department is smooth. Renovation tires are self-made tread fitting in the old tire body, the tread and the tire side between the lap is inferior to the new tire flat, tire side with a combination of traces.

Regular manufacturers of brand tires, there are some bumps on the tire signs, marking the tire model and performance, the medial imprint has the date of durability (show 4 digits, generally the first two-bit for the year's XX week production, and then two for the production years), the tread anti-skid groove wear marks are clearly visible. And the renovation of the tires of the logo is mostly pasted up, with nails scratch these signs, can be cut off will be refurbished tires.

In fact, refurbished tire is a trend in the international, also recommended re-use of old products. At present, the annual production of the old tires around 100 million, but the formal renovation of about 10 million, and the domestic renovation technology is not a lot of the use of the requirements, but unscrupulous businessmen in order to obtain profiteering, the tires will be refurbished, which poses a great danger to traffic safety. In addition, the new car tire is also a warranty, 3 years 80,000 non-external damage, such as bulge, disconnection, rip, sand holes, steel wire delamination, can claim (but need to return to the factory assessment).