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2017 Inventory: Charging Pile Market Who The Strongest Operation?
Jan 02, 2018

2017 inventory: Charging pile market who the strongest operation?

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers data, China's new energy vehicles exceeded 1.09 million units in 2016, accounting for more than 53% of the world. In 2017, sales volume exceeded 700,000 units should be a high probability event. The leading position of new energy vehicles in the world has been established. State Grid, Calls, star charging and other companies set up a dense charging network, so that the development of the industry has increased even more emboldened. The tremendous value of the charging network for energy management is also starting to emerge as the number of electric vehicles increases.

From May 2014, the State Grid opened the market of electric vehicle charging and discharging facilities. For a time, hundreds of enterprises poured into the "runway" and experienced more than three years of fierce competition. As of the end of 2017, most of the "soup points By".

2017 inventory: Charging pile market who the strongest operation?

China Charging Union statistics latest data

According to the latest statistics of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Union (referred to as: Charging Union), there are 13 operators with relatively large-scale (≥1000 charging piles) at present, and the difference in the number of charging piles among various enterprises Large, of which the first special telegram than the national grid more than doubled, accounting for almost 40% of the national market share, but also the charging market is the most concerned about the business. Industry experts said that after experiencing a pre-crazy rush to build a pile, the center of gravity of the entire industrial chain also transferred from the construction of charging operation.

2017 is a year of rapid development in the field of new energy. With favorable policies, the market has matured, technology has been improved, and several operators squeezed into the forefront of the industry have also achieved good results. As the scale to have operations, we will analyze the first three operators from several aspects of charging operation.

Charging pile size and charging pile equipment: special calls the largest scale, the basic network equipment procurement

According to the statistics of China Charging Union, China Telecom is the largest charging operator in China at present, and it has the largest scale and operates nearly 100,000 charging posts on the line. The second is the national network, which operates over 40,000 charging posts on the network. Then ranked third, more than 2.7 million charging terminal equipment.

Charging pile equipment, the State Grid basic outsourcing, at least 6-7 suppliers to provide charging pile. This kind of equipment depends entirely on the procurement method, to a certain extent, increased operating costs, and the quality can not be guaranteed. On the contrary, the special charging pile is made by the parent Tetrid, which is the largest manufacturer of electric equipment in China. The core technology of the equipment is also in its own hands. The star charging charging pile is produced by Germany and Germany, Both belong to the Wan Gang Group, charging equipment in addition to their own use of foreign sales. This kind of self-produced mode not only can reduce equipment investment and construction costs, but also conducive to follow-up equipment operation and maintenance, operational efficiency and higher.

Charging and charging experience: Scan code charging is the mainstream, especially the best experience of incoming calls

In the charging mode, in addition to some of the equipment removed by the State Grid card charging, most of the charging pile and special calls, the same star charging, scanning code are used to charge, and there is a separate APP. State Grid's "e-charging" has enabled interconnection and interoperability with major carriers including Starbucks and Starbucks as well as plug-in charging charging stations put into operation in the early stage of transformation. The special "incoming call" APP, as an example of interoperability, , Both special incoming call tens of thousands of their own charging pile, but also achieved with dozens of charging business interoperability, there are some user-friendly design, such as shake the phone to find charging pile, and then shake the navigation destination; Star charging APP is "star charging", according to the type of charging pile screening, to ensure that looking for more accurate pile. In addition, both star charging and special calls can achieve "remote charging", this feature is surprising. At present, all three operators have implemented payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay, and all have online navigation functions.

It is worth mentioning that the special charging pile can also realize the sharing of private piles and build a bridge between private charging piles and charging vehicles. This is a new attempt to share the economy.

Charging experience, the media have done a more objective assessment of the existence of the State Grid charging station charging slower, too heavy a plug, easy card line and other problems, and operation and maintenance response is too slow, which is too many supplier of charging pile One of the drawbacks, related technical issues and equipment maintenance there is no uniform standard, the failure can not be resolved in time. Although it can also meet the charging needs, but there are many shortcomings in the design of the device, the overall experience in general.

Star Charging app find pile more convenient, but fast filling pile tip and charging screen design is not reasonable. In contrast, Star charging slow charge pile tip lightweight a lot, and more than 95% equipped with a slow charging line, charging process is convenient, while charging compatibility is very good.

Special calls because the number of charging pile enough to find convenient pile is a plus. However, there is no fast charge pile nameplate and display power, charging must pass "special calls" APP to know the power. Although there are many advantages of car-type charging pile, such as not space, high safety factor, but it is easy to dirty. However, the overall charging process is relatively smooth, constantly not card, charging speed, can be considered to make up for some deficiencies.

Charging pile layout areas: State Grid high-speed, special calls public, stars charge privately

Currently, State Grid, as the main force in the construction of charging piles, focuses on building a fast-charging network of "nine vertical and nine horizontal and two rings" with a cumulative total of more than 50,000 charging piles and 150 cities in series to ensure the long-term continuity of electric vehicle owners Demand, is the protection of long-distance electric car owners.

Special call is focused on the construction of public stations, data show that the current special electricity through local government and industry chain enterprises and other forms of joint ventures, the establishment of 83 subsidiaries, the establishment of sites concentrated in government agencies, transportation hubs, large enterprises, science and technology Parks, commercial complexes and other parking lots, is a public transport charging protection.

Star charging is the choice of private piles as the main areas, through the free pile, crowdfunding pile, share the charge pile, the network sales of electric piles and other forms to meet the needs of the owners truck with piles. Compared to the public charging pile, private pile can facilitate the owner charge.

In the layout, the three have their own focus, complement each other, not much difference between good and bad, mostly at the number of charging pile.

Upgrading: charging technology is developing rapidly, upgrading to be considered

Regardless of the scale and technology of charging pile, our country is at the forefront of the world. However, the development of technology and the formulation of standards all indicate the gradual upgrading of charging pile technology. In particular, the author in the research process, to see the National Grid several years ago to build the charging pile, maintenance and operation of the charging pile interface is not uniform, the internal components are caused by the aging of the user's inconvenience, from afar is charging pile, Abandoned. As the procurement of a number of enterprises led to the standard product is not uniform, the upgrade becomes difficult. And from the charging pile label to see the information, many manufacturers have ceased to exist, talk about how easy it is to transform.

Although the cost of investment in modular products is a little bigger, upgrading and upgrading are relatively simple. The charging pile need not be disassembled, without power failure, without modification. When one box is changed, the module is unplugged and the factory is rebuilt. The standardized module is in the factory To achieve bulk transformation should not be a problem.

During the course of my research, I also saw a lot of local brand charging piles, a great variety of outdoor wind and sunless sunscreens. It is inevitable that many large-scale nationwide charging systems will face upgrades and upgrades. Charging pile business can not just think of today's construction, but also consider the future upgrade, otherwise it will cause great waste of resources and user experience behind.

Revenue Operations: None achieved full profit

At present, no operator dares to say that he is fully profitable, and most of the charging pile operators are losing money. Although industry experts have said that the car charging industry in the next year or two will appear a more mature business model, but before that, charging fees and service charges is still the operator's main profit point, the owners of electric operators will reap the charge Once the electricity of the difference and service charges, such as special incoming day charge of 1.9 million degrees, the star charging day charge of 700,000 degrees, if 0.5 yuan per kilowatt charge service fee, special incoming day income 950,000, star charge income 350,000 , Coupled with the late landing subsidies, to a certain extent, reduce operating costs.

At first glance, there was more revenue from the call-out day. However, operating more than 90,000 charging piles, together with a total of 190,000 piles that have not been put into operation, have only reached the profit inflection point as an industry leader and have not achieved large-scale Profitability, this is also one of the reasons why this year's special calls slowed down significantly. Although the public charging pile market needs the support of the scale in order to reach the balance point, the long-term investment and the lack of profitability are not optimistic to private enterprises.

Value-added service development: pile advertising, car sales, leasing has been gradually realized

Despite the fact that charging pile operation has not yet achieved profitability, it still attracts many enterprises to enter the competition. In the final analysis, it still considers the possibility of future value-added services. In the very shortly before the "2nd China EV charging service innovation summit Forum", special telecom chairman Yu Dexiang proposed the establishment of "charging network", the years of experience to share with you to create a correct together Car charging development route to avoid detours. The charging network involves the future of energy management, the direct application of photovoltaic DC in electric vehicles, charging peak load, etc. are also considered to be the strategic layout of the future charging operation of special calls, after all, the scale of the "network" than Independent piles make it easier to develop more business models.

With the development of the Internet, operators are exploring ways of making profits other than charging businesses, such as advertising, insurance, finance, car sales, and vehicle leasing with charging piles as their entrance.

Among them, the pile ads is the most easy to achieve most operators profitable mode, through the charging pile to install LCD screen or advertising light boxes, advertising revenue. However, this requires a certain number of charging piles and sufficient user resources. For the time being, the State Grid, special telegrams, and stars should all be the most promising operators to realize profits through pile advertisements.

Charging pile insurance service is the first attempt of the State Grid model, through cooperation with the insurance industry, the state network by charging the way of charging pile insurance, charging protection for the customer security. Attempts to sell models, the introduction of the State Grid "State Network Mall", including the sale of electric vehicles business. Special calls are the development of "special car" APP, to achieve sales of cars, car rental, time-sharing and other industries extension.

Big data development and operations: Big data needs to be further tapped

In addition to these simple grafted value-added services, big data in the automotive industry is one of the most anticipated areas in the industry. Under the blessing of the Internet, charging network, car network integration, charging pile will become a full potential interface. Operators through the charging pile, connecting cars, people, energy, all kinds of data through analysis will extend more business models. For example, to achieve big data car repair, maintenance to provide users with accurate recommendations, shopping recommendations, as well as shopping information and other peripherals. Of course, all this also requires charging pile has a sufficient scale charging network for support, for now, it seems that only special calls, the national network, star charging, Putian and other operators have hope.

As a state-owned enterprise, State Grid is responsible for the macro-industry development. At present, State Grid has initially built a unified and open smart car networking platform. It has already achieved data interoperability with several domestic operators. A total of 168,000 charging piles and 17,000 electric vehicles have been accessed. Over 600,000 registered users have become the largest number of charging piles and the most extensive coverage areas in the world. Charging capacity of the largest service platform.

In 2016, China Telecom launched a big data cloud platform called "Charging Network, Internet of Vehicles and Internet". At present, it has achieved data interconnection and information exchange in nearly 1,000 enterprises and institutions, integrating with Beiqi New Energy, Yutong Bus and Zhongtai Automobiles and other large car prices and Guoxuan, AVIC Lithium Battery, Li Wei Li Wei and other power battery companies, and the initial realization of the "big data repair car" function, the value of cloud data services are beginning to bear fruit.

Star charging has also established its own large database, including charging pile data, vehicle data, energy data, consumer behavior data collection and analysis of finishing, the future with the increasing number of charging pile, star charging big data will be applied to more Many fields.

to sum up:

In 2017, overall, the country has achieved fruitful results in charging new energy vehicles. With the active efforts of major operators, China has built the world's largest charging network and laid the foundation for the future development of the industry. Charging pile operation Overall analysis, the top position of the special phone is insignificant mission, all aspects of operating well, of course, there are still various problems to be solved.

I believe in 2018, with the charging infrastructure subsidies around the landing policy, with the national network, special calls, Star Charge, Putian and other components of the first echelon operators will burst into a more vibrant vitality. However, nearly one hundred billion of the market alone is difficult for operators to meet the needs of the entire market. Experts predict that the more space for market development, the competition will be fiercer. Industry reshuffles will inevitably result in strong financial strength. Large-scale, high-quality service businesses, many of them will be unicorn ecological company.