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Why cars open more fuel costs actually because they are ignored
Jan 02, 2018

Why cars open more fuel costs actually because they are ignored

Long time car use, fuel consumption is relatively high, especially after the expiration date of the vehicle, what is going on? Is it a car aging? In fact, the car age and fuel consumption is not directly related to the real relationship is the following parts, we look together!


1. Pay attention to oil, clean up carbon deposits

When the car is used, the quality of the gasoline does not pass, and the coolest figure does not go to the regular refueling point, resulting in a problem with the quality of the oil. Due to the poor quality of gasoline, it will increase the engine coke, resulting in a sharp increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, the need to pay attention to the quality of gasoline, there is to promptly clean up the engine soot.


2. Regular replacement of spark plugs

Spark plug may seem relatively small, but its role is relatively large, but also with increased fuel consumption. If there is a problem spark plug, it will be more difficult to start the car, resulting in more fuel consumption, so pay attention to the timely replacement of spark plugs.


3. Qin check tire pressure and tire wear

Automobile tires are also associated with increased fuel consumption, if the tire pressure is too low, or more serious tire wear, it will increase the friction with the ground, resulting in greater resistance, fuel consumption will rise. As long as you open your car's fuel tank cap can see the normal tire pressure, as long as the control of tire pressure, and then check the tire wear, you can determine whether the fuel consumption is caused by other reasons.


4 timely replacement of oxygen sensor

This part, many people should not know what it is, in fact it is located on the engine exhaust pipe of a ceramic component, used to detect and control the ratio of oxygen and fuel. If the time is long, the engine mixture will be high concentration, fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, also need to check this part.