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What is the difference between the thickness of a car rim
Apr 26, 2017

People generally say "thick" or "thin", should be said the tires. Car rims and car tires are mainly determined by the car, we are in the conversion of the wheel diameter increase, so the width increases, while the tire in diameter and width of the increase, the thickness of the thinner. In fact, the reason is very simple, mainly the tire thickness unchanged, the wheel is grinding body, so thin tire thick tire much more expensive. Because the first to ensure reliability, and the rubber strength of the thin tire must be much higher than the thick tire, the tire of the air decreased, friction and collision resistance to the ability to weaken substantially, so the quality of thin tire is much higher.

Because the tire has some damping function, so the bigger wheels, the thinner tires, and the thinner tire damping effect is less obvious. When extreme driving tire variants are smaller, so it is advantageous to control, and security increases, but the comfort decreases, so the tire side thicker, but the effect and thin tire will be the opposite.