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Two major machining methods of automobile rims
Apr 26, 2017

Here are the two major processing methods for automotive rims.

1, casting rims: Casting steel rims process simple, durable mold, low cost, but in the ability to withstand high pressure may be worse.

2, Forging wheels: Forging wheels are relatively complex processing, but the quality is better, because of its processing characteristics of the structure of its tight, can withstand high stress, and it can design a lively and thin spokes, weight, it is almost half of the general car rims, so that the car can accelerate faster, brake, turn, and so on, once the world's largest manufacturer of automotive wheels in Germany BBS is all the use of forged steel rims, such as the wheel is also used for racing car wheels, is also some of the pursuit of high-grade car family of the first choice, but unfortunately, it is also very high prices, so that many car family discouraged.