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Tube wheel market introduction
Aug 29, 2017

Tube wheel market introduction

Car wheels The current main product types are three categories: car (passenger car) with tubeless wheels; commercial car with tubeless wheels; commercial vehicle (steel) with inner tube wheel. The first two are divided into two kinds of steel wheels and aluminum wheels, the latter is also very rare cases of aluminum alloy materials.

Second, the use of commercial vehicle wheel analysis

From the perspective of safety and energy saving and environmental protection to determine the direction of development, tubeless wheel is the development direction, compared with the steel wheel with inner tube, which belongs to advanced products. In particular, the delivery of light trucks without tires should cause the industry's attention, which will become a new economic growth point. In fact, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have basically eliminated the steel wheel with inner tube.

In recent years, with the development of tubeless wheels, the user's recognition and the improvement of road transport management, China's tubeless wheels in the use of commercial vehicles gradually increased the proportion. However, based on the specific use of China's current situation, the steel wheel with inner tube will be a long time to a certain percentage and tubeless wheel coexistence, the main influencing factors, including overload, road conditions, models, maintenance and so on.

Third, the use of steel wheel with inner tube

1, models

Currently equipped with steel wheels with inner wheels are mainly at both ends: light and heavy vehicles.

As the tubeless wheel design and manufacturing process characteristics, making the product anti-overload capacity is poor, once more than the design load, it will immediately failure, causing deformation or even fracture. The steel wheel with inner tube because of its processing technology (the rim shape is rolled out) reasons, according to the local situation of force to strengthen, although this is inconsistent with the trend of lightweight wheel, but after all, the market has such demand. ,

Therefore, the heavy truck because of its use characteristics, such as short, heavy, low speed, etc. At present, most of the optional steel has inner tube wheels, and are basically reinforced.

Light car because of its own use is mainly short-distance, light load, low speed, so the wheel lightweight, security and other factors have not fully entered the main consideration of the user category. But the future is bound to precede the heavy car into the tubeless stage.

In addition, the construction machinery, mining vehicles, loading machinery and other wheels, the current basic use of steel wheel with inner tube.

2, road conditions

In addition to the highway and national road, the other country roads, mountain roads, mining roads are not suitable for the use of tubeless wheels, because it is very easy for the wheels and tires caused different degrees of damage. Therefore, the poor road conditions, but also the inner tube in the country can still be commonly used reasons.

3, working conditions

The condition refers to the prevailing domestic overload phenomenon. At present, in addition to highways and light cars, there are few overload trucks, which is also a tube wheel in the aftermarket replacement market is widely used one of the reasons.

Another phenomenon is overtime use. On the road can often see some tires have no pattern, or even exposed the cord, but still in use. As the tire does not bear the role of sealing, tubeless wheels and tires can not adapt to such conditions.

4, maintenance

Tubeless wheel and tire disassembly requires special equipment (ie, tire disassembly), maintenance requirements are relatively high. In poor conditions and roads, or the driver himself, can not be on the tubeless wheel disassembly maintenance. The steel wheel with inner tube is relatively simple, two people, a sledgehammer, a crowbar can be

Fourth, demand forecast

From the perspective of the proportion of vehicles in China's commercial vehicles in 2015, the proportion of heavy and light vehicles accounted for 18.87% and 46.99% of commercial vehicles respectively, the total value of more than 65%, the proportion is still quite large.


According to this ratio and 2016 vehicle sales (4.2 million commercial vehicles) forecast, it can be inferred, steel casing wheel demand is about 22.48 million, and then take into account the needs of the market aftermarket, a total of more than 23 million.

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