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The world's five major tire brands
Nov 15, 2017

The world's five major tire brands

1, Pirelli (Italy)

Believe that like football love Inter Milan friends have the impression of this brand. Pirelli is the main sponsor of Inter Milan chest, the Inter Milan shirt is Pirelli trademark, and even when Pirelli just entered China, the game also specifically printed on Chinese words Pirelli, Pirelli shows the importance of the Chinese market. Pirelli originated in the late 19th century and was one of the earliest tire manufacturers. It belonged to sports tires and was the earliest sponsor of F1, and is still sponsoring wrc. To be honest, Pirelli tires WRC absolutely suitable for that road conditions, super grip, very strong. Like a racing friend, I think Pirelli is the preferred, grip is too tough, can not say that Pirelli is the best, but can be responsible that Pirelli grip is the best, racing players essential, but the premise is Pirelli tire noise slightly larger. Pirelli's price in the high-end tires are medium-top, now has localization, sales ideal. Supporting more, are high-end cars, like BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and so on. If you like Pirelli, do not care about its high price positioning, like driving fast, choose Pirelli right! !

    2, horse licensing (Germany mainland)

German horse brand also known as Continental tires, but also the beginning of the 19th century tire. The Europa League football arena often sees ads from horse brands, which seem to be under-sponsored by motor racing and I understand that it seems like a big truck racing horse does not seem to have played F1. Horse and Pirelli are two extremes, known for quiet comfort, those who say Michelin comfortable friends must not have used the horse brand tires. Comfort mute is the most important feature of the horse brand, but it seems only this one feature, horse brand is not wear-resistant, grip general, not strong, not suitable for our country's road conditions, the price of imported tires more real, the current Chinese factory has not Cover up, the performance of the market depends on positioning after the localization of domestic tires (according to the internal meeting of the horse brand tires revealed that the brand of domestic brand aiming at the first competitor is Dunlop). Matching, Ma tire mainly supporting a number of mid-size models, such as the Audi A4, A6, Mercedes-Benz C-class E-Class, BMW 3 Series; some high-end SUV supporting horse brand are out of the Czech Republic, the noise is not small. If you pursue comfortable mute, wear-resistant, sports, no price requirements, horse card is a good choice.

3, Dunlop

Dunlop came from the United Kingdom in the late 19th century and was later controlled by Japanese companies. Dunlop is the second tire brand to play Formula One and currently ranks second in the number of wins in F1 and now it is not played. Now it mainly sponsors the German Masters, A8 Touring and Moto GP, Is also the main sponsor, because Dunlop is the best off-road tire. The biggest feature of the domestic Dunlop tires is no characteristic (and Bridgestone similar, will be mentioned below), mute and comfort than Michelin and horse brand, grip better than Pirelli, are more neutral tires. In fact, Dunlop is an international pure high-end brand, can be seen from the package, the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S600, BMW 5 Series X5X3, Volkswagen Touareg, of course, the price is high exaggerated. Domestic Dunlop for China's situation, appropriately reduce the positioning of some small size tires, making it able to meet the needs of almost all models, the price is more appropriate. Have seen on the Internet a comment on Dunlop: can not say that Dunlop is the best, but the most cost-effective tire. If you occasionally play with your car a little, but also for quiet comfort requirements, the price does not want too expensive, Dunlop good.

    4, Goodyear

Dunlop left the F1 due to the death of the famous driver Senna, replaced by the American brand Goodyear and currently keeping track of the number of F1 race champions. Currently sponsored car race is not clear. Goodyear is a typical American goods, just to resist noise, grip Pirelli second only to noise near Pirelli, not wear-resistant, but also prone to partial wear and tear, the price dead. I'm a little disappointed with it. Not much support, Audi Q7, Land Rover, more supporting domestic cars, Audi, BMW Brilliance and so on. I feel that the devils in the United States may be bad and do not give good things to China. The prices are about the same as that of Michelin, which belongs to the highest price domestically. The quality is still poor. The factory output is small and the net is a foundry product Foundry, although foundry can save costs, quality can not compliment). Angry does not say, the United States devils are not kind! ! ! ! ! ! Not recommended! ! !

5, Michelin

Michelin originated in the 19th century in France, is the inventor of radial tires. After Goodyear sponsored F1, there are also many car racing events sponsored now, the WRC and many more. Michelin is comfortable tires, comfort close to the horse card, grip wear-resistant in general. Michelin sales in the world second only to Bridgestone. Mainly supporting some of the top brands of mid-range cars, such as the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz e-level c-class. My personal feeling is that Michelin, which also belongs to the comfort tire, is more suitable for the road conditions in China, which is why Michelin is successful in China. Of course, due to advertising, the price of Michelin in the country is not low, the price of imported Michelin in general, no Pirelli, Ma licensing, Dunlop's expensive. Overall, Michelin is good, if you recognize its brand, then I recommend it a little.

    Bridgestone, an authentic Japanese brand, is also the latest of the six major tire brands in the world, and the only one to begin making tires in the 20th century. Currently exclusively sponsors F1. Bridgestone and domestic Dunlop similar, no features, are more neutral, all aspects of performance are decent, comfortable and quiet second only to Dunlop, is the most high-end brands wear. Well, due to crazy burn in F1, the price is not cheap, cheaper than Michelin, Goodyear. Also due to the sponsorship of F1, sales reached an unprecedented height: more than Michelin, the current world, Bridgestone in the last year can see matching high-end models, such as the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-class and so on.