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The accident is also a shared responsibility for these types
Dec 27, 2017

The accident is also a shared responsibility for these types 

Car driving on the road, it will inevitably encounter some bumps, not you rubbed my car, that is, I hurt your car, under normal circumstances, if there is no clear one of the parties responsible, are passed Responsibility to share equally to solve, but sometimes there is no clear responsibility, although there is a potential party responsible, this time do not go back and share responsibility innocently, and many people may not know what is the case Each other's responsibility, then Xiaobian today to give you an inventory of those responsible for each other's situation.


First of all, if both cars are going straight, if there is a traffic accident, the vehicle on the left is generally responsible for the traffic. This is because our country's car is traveling on the right. Then the left Side of the line of sight is not good, but if it is the left side of the vehicle, the right can still see clearly, if not happen, traffic accidents can still be avoided, so this case of traffic accidents, the left vehicle Should take full responsibility. Second, if your vehicle is straight ahead at the traffic lights intersection, but the left turn of the car has hit you, the full responsibility for that accident lies in the left turn of the vehicle, which is because at the traffic lights intersection, in accordance with the provisions, Turning vehicles should allow straight-ahead vehicles to pass first.

Once again, if you are driving on the road with both left-hand and right-hand turning vehicles, right-turn vehicles need to be held responsible if an accident occurs at this time because at this time if the right turn vehicle does not avoid the left turn vehicle , Then left-turning vehicle will take a long time to stay waiting, so in accordance with the provisions, this time should make the left-turn vehicle first.

In addition, we need to pay attention to is that if the collision between the straight-ahead vehicle and the lane-changing vehicle takes place, the lane-changing vehicle needs to bear the full responsibility. Generally speaking, the straight-ahead vehicle usually has the priority right to pass. Vehicles are not polite direct vehicles, that is, lane change vehicles in violation of the provisions, so you need to bear the main responsibility.

For U-turn vehicles, in general there is no U-turn mark on the normal road, which means that U-turn can be made. However, there is a requirement that this should not be an obstacle to the normal operation of other motor vehicles. If the car affects the normal driving of other cars, then it takes full responsibility. But here is a special case is that if the car has been U-turn success, but after the car but also to catch up to the rear-end accident caused by the car is responsible for the whole.

Lastly, let us say one more thing. It is a series of rear-end accidents. Many car owners are driving normally and are walking on the road. However, they have resorted to flying earthquakes and the car has been hit by a rear-end collision. In this case, The vehicle that caused the rear-end collision took full responsibility.