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Seven major structures of automobile rims
Apr 26, 2017

Today for you to introduce a simple car rims of the seven structure.

1, spoke: with axle wheels to carry out the installation connection, support the wheel part of the rim.

2, Valve hole: The installation of tire valve nozzle holes.

3, Tire ring seat: contact with tire circles to support the tire radius to maintain the direction of the rim part.

4, Offset: The center of the rim to the spokes of the distance between the installation surface. There are positive offset, 0 offset, negative offset.

5, Rims: With the tire assembly, supporting the wheel part of the tire.

6, Wheel margin: maintain and support the tire direction of the rim part.

7, Trough bottom: For the convenience of tire loading and demolition, on the rims have a certain depth and width of the pits.