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Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers
Jan 08, 2018

Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers

Around often there are some self-professed "old drivers" friends talk in the car circles, what "a certain car is not hedge", "certain car over unsafe", "a car super fuel oil" and so on, a series of The rhetoric is overwhelmingly hyped by them, just as if the problems with these cars were met by themselves. Many car white buy a car, choose a car, keep a car, blindly listen to their "experience", which led to missing a lot of the ideal car. The old driver is talking in vain before white

If you know more about the car circle, you will naturally understand that the so-called "talk of experience" quoted by these old drivers is in fact nothing more than a crap. Many of these so-called "experiences" are hearsay and are thrown into the tiger. Today, here, editors will have to rumor!

The harder the car hit, the worse the quality

Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers

Each time a major car accident occurs, the degree of damage to the car body becomes "strong evidence" by the sprayers that they judge the quality of the car and whether it is worth buying based on how much the car collides. In fact, these alone can not corroborate the safety of automobile body, in the accident due to the impact angle of the car, the impact process and the body energy absorption is different, it is easy to give the impression that the body is not safe, and many cars in order to protect the cockpit, Rigid calibration is lower, in order to achieve the purpose of ensuring the integrity of the cab in the event of a major accident by absorbing body collapse. Therefore, the extent of car damage alone can not determine the safety of the car!

Manual gear than automatic fuel-saving

In fact, this sentence in the early stages of automatic development is correct. Many years ago, when most of the automatic transmission are 4AT, really not as good as manual fuel-efficient.

Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers

However, with the rapid development of automatic transmission, automatic transmission not only a wide range of advanced technology, but also gradually increase the number of stalls, shifting the logic of the more clear. Now many models of automatic transmission fuel consumption and manual transmission is almost the same, even more fuel-efficient than manual transmission. Like in the Civic, Golf, Buick Hideo, Hyundai-powered models have automatic gear than manual fuel-saving example.

Sale is a good car

Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers

Some cars only after the fare increase to mention the car, then people will think this car is better, after all, the sparsely expensive, like Toyota Elfa not only to increase sales, but also very hedge. In fact, the reason why many cars increase sales, there is a shortage of supply because the car manufacturers car production is low, not enough to meet market demand; there is another reason is that car dealers deliberate backlog of cars, as selling mobile phones, like the implementation of several marketing Routine to raise product value. So do not blindly follow the trend, the state car New Deal is also cracking down sales increase behavior.

Start the car in winter to be hot car

Winter hot car originated in the "Carburetor era," before the car engine, is the carburetor atomized gasoline, and then start the car. At that time, in order to dilute the gasoline well atomized, so the hot car in advance, is the carburetor to achieve the best working environment. Now the carburetor has already abandoned it, replaced by EFI or direct injection technology, the external temperature has a limited impact on it, even if the cold start can quickly achieve the best state of supply.

No need to drive a hot car in winter!

Some people may say, even if no effect on oil supply, but the total effect on the oil bar, the oil temperature is too low viscosity will increase, lubrication is not complete. In fact, as long as the oil label and the environment can match, cold start the car still will not affect the oil viscosity and lubricating properties. As long as the car did not reach the normal temperature before the accelerator does not give large, speed control can not be too high.

Brake emergency can not be kicked to death

Most of the big rumors of the automobile circle are cheated by Xiaobai drivers

The old driver told us that in case of an emergency, do not step on the brake pedal directly. You should use a point brake. Most of the previous cars did not have an ABS system. Emergency braking would cause the car to lose its ability to turn and cause a traffic accident. However, now you want to find a car without ABS is difficult, directly to the brake pedal in the end, can make ABS take the initiative to intervene, the formation of brake effect, the speed of the machine can be faster than the practice of human limbs out faster. However, when faced with ice and snow, the point brake or need to use it.

to sum up

Learn car knowledge, fight for the old driver!

Car experience is summed up by the drivers over time and again, rather than being three into a tiger, hearsay income. In the absence of real technical background and practical experience premise, can not believe others' remarks. Now the network is so developed, take a look at the car knowledge, learn to be a real old driver.