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Maintenance precautions for tire winter
Apr 26, 2017

Core tip: Winter arrival, the road becomes hard and slippery, water will soon become smooth ice, such road conditions often arise rear-end and turn out of control. Snow and even days after the slippery road, wet and rolled into the solid ice, will be directly winter arrival, the road becomes hard and slippery, water will soon become smooth ice, such road conditions often arise rear-end and turn out of control phenomenon. Days after snowy or even snow, the slippery surface of the road and the sturdy ice formed after rolling Mill will directly test your driving skills and car tire performance.   Throwing away driving skills and vehicle braking performance, as well as the vehicle's auxiliary safety system, the most direct and pavement contact and acceptance of the test is the car's 4 tires, its conditions and performance will directly affect the safety of your winter driving. The following is said that the tire in the winter precautions: 1, tire pressure Please keep it at the moment of concern for each car matching tires have corresponding tire pressure, its high and low is directly affecting the performance of tire, and to a certain extent, affect the fuel consumption. The average vehicle in the front door will have its tire pressure value on the inside and back, this is the number you need to verify frequently. Excessive or low tire pressure can affect the service life of tyres, but more importantly, the impact of grip on the force. Excessive tire pressure will not only increase the risk of the tire, but also make the middle of the tyre in a protruding form of contact with the ground, the tire grip significantly decreased, in the emergency braking at the time at all unable to provide enough friction to brake the vehicle. Low tire pressure also makes the tire side of the outer contact the ground, unable to make the entire tire surface contact the ground, in increasing the tire wall wear and tear at the same time can not provide enough to grasp the area, the danger is no less than the high tire pressure driving.   Often worn the thinnest part of the tire wall will directly lead to premature scrap of tire, it is recommended that the tire pressure gauge check four in the cold tire every week, to ensure that each side of the tire front and rear face completely contact the ground, to achieve the best grip effect, but also reduce the road vibration, increase the driving comfort. 2, tire texture is not only beautiful not underestimate the tires on the strip patterns, each is repeated testing and design will appear on your tread. If you have a tire of more than 10000 kilometers, then you should carefully check the tire pattern or not balance. If there is no wear around the moment should do four-wheel positioning, so that all tire tread evenly to the effect of the ground. If you make four rounds of positioning and transposition on time, then we should check the pattern in each place there is no inclusion of foreign bodies, such as stones and sharp objects, so that the tread can avoid the high speed or bump accidentally by the foreign body pierced, and uneven wear patterns on the snow and ice pavement due to grip uneven side of the sideslip control. In addition, traveling 50000 kilometers or 3 years later need to pay attention to tire tread to reach the lower limit, or have not met the braking requirements.   Note: The general new tires can be on the tire wall 5 to 7 points show the tire life, but also because the tire is dirty can not be displayed when, so it expires please check the tire texture depth, less than 3 mm will need to replace the tire. 3, the tire wall inside the same need to care here refers to the tire walls divided into internal walls, outer walls. General Tire Care More carefully inspect the tire facing the side of the car, and to do enough protection and maintenance, but that is only to let the side tire wall is protected, while the other side is basically forgotten. As we all know, tire wall is the most fragile part of the whole tire, once the rub and scratch is basically a direct result of the tire, but how many people in the maintenance of their tires inside the sidewall? In fact, this side of the tire wall to withstand the test is not only less than the side, the contrary will be more than the side of the outer side suffer. At high speed, the sharp surface of the bottom wind pressure on the small stones can directly hit the medial tread to cause scratch. When you pay attention to the outer tire of the hole, the inner tyre wall may have been directly harmed by the sharp or rough object in the pit. So, often your tires are still beautiful outside, the inside may have been scarred. In the cold winter conditions, those scars may pose an unexpected danger at any time. It is recommended that after each run the situation of complex pavement and high speed, carefully inspect the tire wall is injured.   If the vehicle is unable to lift the steering wheel when parking is in good visibility, it can be seen directly to the inside tire wall.   Winter Use tire tip 1, after the snow start the car before, check the tires and the ground between the water or snow caused by freezing the fetus, lest forcibly take the car caused tear tire, burst tire.   2, if the parking conditions are not good or open-air, it is best to stop in front of the wheel in the pad in the newspaper, avoid icing.   3, start the driving, do not directly graduation to high-speed, first slowly open 1 to 3 kilometers, reasonably warm tires, avoid cold tires on the ice on the road when the high-speed operation skidding.   4, on the icing on the road do not roll pretty silly.you middle open, lest the edges of sharp ice stab wounds, scratches tires.   5, slight sideslip do not refuel, appropriate deceleration to increase the tire friction to keep grip. 6, do not arbitrarily replace the use of different patterns or specifications of tires, lest the ice on the surface due to different friction and loss of control. In addition, the partial use of single-oriented tire consumers should not put the pattern pointing to the reverse, otherwise will lose grip performance.