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How to know oil of 4S car shop
Nov 22, 2017

How to know oil of 4S car shop

Many people go to 4S shop maintenance found that the packaging on the oil drums on the outside of the packaging for sale is different from the XX brand or XX original oil, looks very tall, so many people think that only This special machine oil is best suited to their car, the fact that the situation is so true?

Why buy a new car also continued maintenance in the 4S shop

First, the 4S shop is, after all, a brand franchise stores, there is a "specialization" in, how many people feel at ease; Second, the overall level of 4S maintenance technicians higher; third, worried about self-maintenance outside, Manufacturers will reject the owner's warranty requirements. On the first two points, Xiaobian does not deny, and the third point, according to the Ministry of Transport "Motor Vehicle Maintenance Management Regulations", entrusted repair party the right to choose the maintenance operator for maintenance. In addition to the car manufacturer to fulfill the defects of automotive product recall, the quality of the car 'Three Guarantees' responsibility, no unit or individual shall force or disguise mandatory designated maintenance operators, in other words, manufacturers or 4S shop not not at the designated repair point repair car Maintenance refused to the owner's warranty requirements. Please let me know about this.

But know to know, the so-called policy on the countermeasures, if there really related issues, the majority of owners are still inevitably estimated and 4S shops wrangling, such as maintenance of abnormal circumstances once at least, at least the owner has come up with enough evidence to prove this anomaly Not related to outside maintenance, the difficulty of large, one can imagine.

Some pull away, 4S shop to his car perfusion "special oil" how much professional? Is it really brand-specific or exclusive to the car?

Is it possible for the oil manufacturer to develop a dedicated motor oil for a single brand or a single car?

Of course, the answer is no, no matter what brand of special oil, must be marked in line with API, SAE, ACEA and other standards and levels, that is, if you do not use the so-called special oil, using any of the same brand of oil are Is possible, as the price difference between the various brands, it is a question of the quality of oil, not a problem that can not be used. In this issue, Xiaobian that consumers fully own the right to choose independently, not to be "dedicated" to confine the word.

Xiao Bian for the choice of oil is quite forgiving, for the network of two similar brands of similar price, the effect is very different oil evaluation do not believe, as long as the level of viscosity for the level models, Xiaobian that all the oil can be used, Little difference. Of course, this does not include fake oil.

For the average level of family cars, the average cost of late maintenance is a very important reference value, in addition to repair parts brand differences in price, labor costs, oil costs are also very different to a common synthetic oil, XXX dedicated Oil 4S shop in the price may exceed 400, plus working hours, a small maintenance costs easily over 500. And with this special oil specifications for the other oil, the outside may be able to buy 300, count down to save a lot. Expensive maintenance costs are many people from the root cause of 4S shop maintenance, the same price, I can even use a higher level of oil, why?

Xiao Bian does not mean that we are all from the 4S shop, buy their own oil need to take the risk of fake oil, after all, 4S shop is unlikely to give you a fake oil. But the same specifications of the 4S shop oil prices really much higher, people a little embarrassed, and these so-called "special oil" is not dedicated at all, saying that it is "special packaging" or less. Xiaobian believe that as long as the grade label the same, the built-in oil is actually the same.