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Four major problems in automotive rims
Apr 26, 2017

Today for you to introduce a simple car rims four common problems.

1, the car's steel rims water and then smoke that is what is happening?

In this case, the problem of brake pads is likely.

2, why does the car fill the tire in the steel rims to patch?

This is the balancing of your tires so that your car won't shake.

3. Why are the rims of the wheels of the car convex, and the rear wheels are recessed?

The front wheels are fitted with 1 tires rear wheels to be fitted with 2 million

4, may I ask the different manufacturers but are using the same size of the tires of the car, their rims are common?

Tires can be general-purpose, but the wheel is not, there are heavy wheel circles, the depth is also different.