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Cost accounting minutes to show you the advantages of refurbished tires
Apr 26, 2017

Truck tires We have talked about many, especially refurbished tires, some "cliché" flavor. Small series today again to renovate tires, in fact, the purpose is to let users realize the benefits of refurbished tires, refurbished tires can be small to the user to save the cost of use, to the environment, energy saving and emission reduction, is a good choice. Today, we are using the cost accounting method to let everyone know from another aspect of refurbished tires.

In fact, in Europe and the United States and other countries have formed a mature industrial chain. A few tires will be refurbished 3-4 times, more 7-8 times, mileage can be up to 1.13 million kilometers. In fact, a tires wear the surface only accounted for the total cost of 30%-35%, such as the tire ring, tire side and the internal structure of the tire under normal use is not to be consumed by a lot of wear, can be reused, and these accounted for up to 65%-70% tire costs. This shows that the tire renovation at least more than half the use value.

Although refurbished tires must not be as good as the quality of new tires, but tire renovation is a way of recycling waste tires, tire prices are very expensive, in the right choice and reasonable use of the situation can save us some costs.