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Car often put the sun exposure what will happen?
Jan 02, 2018

Car often put the sun exposure what will happen?

These days the temperature is getting higher and higher, the old tour I have to get out of a wet. Then we are hot to have cool air-conditioned room cool, but this car can not always go with us into the air-conditioned room, only put the sun basking.

A lot of friends usually pay attention to keep a car there is a problem, the car much more sun tan problems? Laos these past few days to consult a master, also checked the electronic materials, to share with you today.


The first one may want to get the parts, that is, our tires.

Expansion and contraction, tire sun in the sun, the tire pressure will become higher. Tire pressure will increase our risk of a flat tire. So, generally know this friend when cheer up in summer, will be the pressure hit a little lower.

That is probably how much? LaoYou go check the information, basically outdoor temperature change 6 °, our tire pressure will follow change 0.07.

Cool morning, noon so hot, a difference of 18 ° C is actually very common right? Early in the morning, for example, at 20 ° C, noon heat exploded, to 38 ° C, a difference of about 18 ° C.

Such a calculation, 0.07X3, which is the standard tire pressure of 2.5 plus 0.21, which is 2.71, the tire pressure is relatively high.

If I had to go high-speed, the car was driving fast and the ground was hot again, the gas in the tires expanded and the tire pressure would be even higher. The braking force of the car is reduced and the risk of a blowout is increased.

So, the weather is too hot, we can put the gas bottoming a little, do not be too low, according to the car when the tire pressure standard air like. Low fuel costs, the impact of high braking.

Let's talk about a car paint that everyone is more concerned about.

Direct sunshine down, the most suffering is paint. The composition of the paint is different, its temperature resistance will be different.

The most common primer called epoxy resin, high temperature limit is basically above 120 °. What does it mean, you hit the egg on the hood, basically eggs live eggs poached. This temperature, the car paint will still be harmed, the paint itself is high temperature plating up

So, the sun's temperature, the damage we paint is not as much as we imagined. In fact, the paint is not the most afraid of the sun's temperature is the sun's ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet light inside the car paint resin will play a role in accelerating aging.

You put the car sun under the sun, regardless of the temperature is high or low, as long as there is sun exposure, paint will be affected, accelerated aging. It does not mean that I will hurt a little more when the temperature is higher, and the temperature will not hurt. The intensity of ultraviolet light is the key.

Better way is not to find a big fan, to cool down the car, the best approach is to give it a coat, or directly to find a more cool underground parking garage.

If you are willing to spend money on your friends, you can choose to play high temperature car wax car, after playing its high temperature and UV effects will be relatively speaking, a little better.

Let's talk about the interior of our car, this is a bit of a relationship with the temperature.

No matter what the interior leather or Ye Hao, fabric worth mentioning, composite materials, rubber and rubber between, we will have to talk about glue. Otherwise, how can these materials stick together, or become a part of the right.

That glue, after high temperature and exposure, will accelerate the release of various harmful chemicals inside, what "aldehyde", "benzene" and so on and so forth. Open the door in summer, which will taste a lot more than usual, this smell contains such harmful gases.

Harmful gas content, is a national standard, when your new car bought to meet this standard, less than or equal to 0.1 mg per cubic meter. But after high temperature exposure, the situation is different.

The contrast between a new car and a used car was that at 56 ° C, the temperature inside the car was 56.2 ° C. After half an hour, the interior of the car inside the release of formaldehyde content of more than 0.1mg / m3.

And in some places its temperature, surface temperature and temperature of our test bed are not the same, the ground will be slightly hotter than the air, not necessarily only 36 ° C, some powerful points, the southern part of the place even appear 50,60 ° C high temperature.

If you are old enough to go out to drive their own hot day, they will always first open the windows, air conditioning, and then open the outer loop, and then go away.

If not hurriedly, after the window is fully opened, I will first take a cigarette out of the car and finish it again. At this time, the temperature of the car has dropped and the air has almost changed. Will not say a car, a sweat, then blow cold, so it is easy to catch a cold.

There is also a more annoying place, is the car doors and windows and so on

It does not have a sealing tape Well, it will crack the sun a long time, the aging speed will be particularly fast.

The same is the rubber material, why the tire heat so high, the strip is so easy to aging? Mainly their specifications and chemical composition are very different. The sun for a long time, it is possible to change, this is the problem of money.

Then we are mainly carrying four small knowledge today:

• High temperature will affect tire pressure, it is recommended to press standard tire pressure at no load in summer

Temperature has little effect on the paint, the impact is UV, the conditions can fight high temperature wax car

High temperature accelerated interior glue to release toxic gases, driving outside the proposed air conditioning and windows are all open the ventilation

Sunshine sun will accelerate the doors and windows sealed tape, car interior decoration.

Understand these things, we can do basically two things. First, the parking location try to choose a more cool place.

No objective conditions of friends, at least should also be down before driving the car window, air conditioning to open an outside loop. This is of great help to our health, especially friends with children.