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After the car maintenance methods
Jan 03, 2018

After the car maintenance methods

Car maintenance after the rain is crucial, but today we have six steps for everyone to take a look at.

1, the car dehumidification

In fact, dehumidification work should be done when it rains. Open the cold when it rains, doing so can not only remove the mist, but also dehumidification function. More attention to the rain stopped, the accumulation of moisture to be removed as soon as possible, otherwise prone to mildew and other conditions.

In addition to the door after the rain and welding parts of the body is easy to rust corrosion, the door interior hinges, buckles and other iron parts due to be door trim cover, but also easy to damp, so the owner can find a cool time in the shade Place all the doors and trunk lid open, so that the car's moisture discharge, ventilation, and then the car's foot pad, seat cover removed, rinse to dry.

2, check the sunroof

Skylights belong to the weak links of the car, and the roof does not form a plane, it is destined to be a place to accumulate rain and dirt.

Maintenance after the rain, first of all should be cleaned in the roof sealing strips of sand or leaves, check the seal is deformed or gaps in order to prevent excessive rain into the skylight to cause leakage inside the car.

Followed by the skylight rail lubrication. If the rainy day did not close the skylight or skylight leakage, so that rain into the rail, it will dilute the rail lubricating oil, long-term carelessness will lead to lack of skylight rail lubrication, affect the closure of the sunroof adhesion. Therefore, every time after the rain maintenance, but also check the skylight rail lubrication, the timely addition of lubricants.

3, maintenance chassis

Chassis and the ground closest to the site affected by the road conditions are particularly serious, the general part of the most vulnerable to rust stains, the wheel cavity may even loose perforation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the car chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment.

Encountered heavy rain, the car can be cleaned after opening home, one is washed away some of the acidic material, and second, after driving in the rain on the inside of the tire and the rear of the chassis there will be sludge, moisture will hide them, so it is easy Cause these places to rust.

4, maintenance brake system

Due to the brake oil easily and water fusion, it is easy to enter the brake fluid when the wet season due to the humid weather, the accumulation of water vapor in the brake can easily enter the brake fluid, if there is moisture into the brake fluid, during braking, friction The resulting high temperature gasifies the water. The gas is compressible, the brake fluid is compressed, it will cause the brake failure or failure. Therefore, after the rainy day to pay attention to brake system check the oil and brake system deflation treatment.

5, check the circuit

The car's ignition system will be due to moisture and leakage, once the leakage will result in the engine is not easy to start. Therefore, in order to car to normal operation, must check the circuit after the rain, the key is to check the high voltage line.

If there is wading, after the circuit equipment should be dealt with in a timely manner, you can use non-fibrous tissue and textiles will be one by one dry circuit, and then start. In addition, check the brake system is also very important. As the braking system has a very strong adsorption force, the rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, which will affect the braking effect, the serious may result in brake failure.

6, check the wiper system and drainage system

Wiper as a vehicle in the rainy day must be tools, in peacetime maintenance should promptly check the use of each switch, gear, and pay attention to check the wiper blade, when scraping is not clean to be replaced; promptly clear the drainage hole, so as to avoid the plot water.