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Advantages of Tubeless steel wheel
Nov 14, 2017

Advantages of Tubeless steel wheel

Tubeless wheel has less rolling resistance and is 12% lighter than tube wheel. According to statistics, if the tube wheel is replaced by tubeless wheel, each axle can save fuel by 1%, which means that your trailer can save fuel by 6%, if it is 123-typre axle.

As tubeless wheel is without inner tube and flap, and it is lighter than tube wheel, the tubeless wheel has better cooling performance in long-distance and high-speed driving. The tubeless wheel rim has bigger external diameter than that of tube wheel rim, which contributes to better cooling property for brake pad. Lowering tyre temperature can reduce wear resistance, prevent tyre-shoulder separation and effectively enhance high-speed performance but with longer driving distance than tube wheel.

After being puched, the air will flow from the clearance between inner tube and tyre, and then leak out through tyre toes and air valve in this case, A car or truck will lean immediately, leading to a danger of turning over.

After being punched, The air can only leak out through an only outlet slowly. In this case, a car or truck will not lean and a driver will have time to handle it.