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2017 China New Scrap Vehicles Introduced
Dec 25, 2017

2017 China New Scrap Vehicles Introduced

Success is very hard, because we must work hard, we must persist, we must overcome difficulties. And unsuccessful more difficult, because they want to buy can not afford to do can not do, but also looked down upon. In contrast, success is still easier.


In the domestic car purchase threshold getting lower and lower, after buying a new car, in the end can be opened to what time? China has a strict deadline for scrapped cars. When it reaches the end of its life or the required mileage, it will scrap the vehicles. Cars are often able to drive the case will be scrapped, but also allow many car owners are helpless.


In 2017, the new rules on scrapped vehicles scrapped the retirement life of small private cars. However, this does not mean that your car will not be scrapped all your life. Although the retirement deadline has been removed, the measure of how far the car has reached scrapped status is calculated in the following ways.


1. The number of kilometers traveled 600,000 kilometers. Non-operating domestic 5 sedans and 7 SUVs are not scrapped, but the mileage of 600,000 will be forcibly scrapped. The average family car also opened a period of 8-9 years, driving a 20,000 kilometers a year, almost the owner will have to consider changing the car, so the retirement mileage will not affect the interests of the owners.


2 did not pass the annual inspection or not on time inspection. Now on the annual inspection of private cars are: 1 - 6 years, 2 years, once a year, 7-15 years once a year, 15 years after the seizure once, if the vehicle in the three annual inspection cycle did not pass the annual inspection or not on time inspection, the vehicle is also Will be forced to scrap.


3. Exceed the country's emission standards limit. In some cities, it is very difficult for the four countries to go on the cards. However, those two countries that have not met the emission standards have started to disallow the cards. After the implementation of the national emission standard from the beginning of 2017, the two vehicles of the country have completely confronted the compulsory scrapping. With the starting of the restrictions on the three countries and the standards of the six countries in 2020, the fate of the country's three cars will be followed by The same country two cars.